The name Nic's Clicks was made up by my cousin, way back in 2012 when I first picked up a camera. A lot of my family call me Nic and I'm sure you can figure out where the "clicks" part came from lol. Back then, I never considered myself any good at art. I couldn't do the typical art stuff, still can't. But photography, it captured me and hasn't let go. Tehe little photographer humor there for ya. P.S. I make stupid puns all the time. I get it from my punny husband!

I am so stoked you are here and can't wait to hang out!

you can call me nicole

Most days you can find me chilling at home with my husband (Tevin) our little baby girl, our dog (Captain) and our two cats (Oliver + Charlie)!

I like to call myself a spunky person. Definition? Courageous and determined. But more like, determined to be courageous! Also meaning, high spirited. And on a 1 out of 10 scale, I'm a 100!!!!!!! *hence the intense amount of !!!!!*

I’m obsessed with going on adventures (becoming a mom has only added to the excitement), all things  old Disney (I was born to be a Disney princess), Marvel (the movies, not the comics), funny or home remedy reels on instagram, researching parenting hacks and popcorn. Dang it, now I can't stop thinking about popcorn... I’d rather be out in the country than in the city. I frequently go hiking even though I hate exercise. My best friends would tell you I’m a goofball. When I don’t have a camera in my hands, I'm cuddling my daughter.

biggest thing you need to know about me? I love jesus!

Have you ever looked at photos on Pinterest or Instagram and said to yourself, "If only I could afford photos of me like that"?
Yeah, me too! I do my best to create prices that won't break your bank but also pay my bills. Ya feel me?

My style are those ooie gooie romantic, carefree, adventurous, spontaneous, throw your head back and laugh photos every client and photographer dreams about. I'm not the robotic pose and shoot then pose and shoot type.

Also, this is a big deal, I don't charge extra for all your images! I give you all the best photos!

Let’s Cut to the Chase, lemme tell you why I'm different

I'm not your average kinda of gal

hike a volcano

go on a safari in Africa

scuba dive in Fiji

climb a mountain

bucket list

nowhere - i'm having a baby


avon - wedding

wisconsin - adventure


coatsville - wedding





malibu - elopement

scotland - elopement

positano - wedding

florence - elopement


joshua tree np - elopement

lake como - engagement








travel schedule