You can wear what YOU want that showcases YOUR personality.

Whether that’s fancy, casual, comfy, sexy, etc. IT’S UP TO YOU. I encourage you to embrace your natural style if you want or go the extra mile if you wanna try something new!

But overall, I highly recommend comfort.

What’s the best footwear for the occasion? Ex: For a more adventurous session, I typically discourage my clients from wearing heels so they can move and be comfortable. I’m a huge fan of just going barefoot honestly!

I typically shoot in wide open fields, creeks, fountains, waterfalls, flower patches, and sometimes urban scapes. Heels are super cute when strolling downtown but make for a painful frolic through the meadows. Ouch.

Weather plays a huge role in attire choices too. For example, if your session is scheduled for the middle of July, it probably doesn’t make sense to show up in a sweater LOLZ.

If you’re wanting a winter wonderland snow shoot then BUNDLE UP vs wearing a thin dress haha. Coats, hats, mittens, and scarves are freaking adorable!

If yours is an indoor Lifestyle shoot, wearing a fancy gown in your living room might not make much sense in the story you’re trying to tell. Even a cute sundress might not make as much sense as a cute pair of jeans with a casual shirt.

You get the point! Overall, consider clothing choices logically based on location, vibe, and comfort level.


Certain colors tend to look best with my style of photography and the locations I shoot in most often.

I always encourage my clients to wear more neutrals and earth tones! They tend to look more warm and natural next to the brown grasses you’re dancing in or so the bright flowers you’re amongst aren’t having to compete with neons or harsh patterns.

You can use colors to COMPLIMENT your surroundings. You may not even realize it at the time but the romantic couple photos you love seeing on Pinterest are probably couples wearing these tones.

So which patterns typically work and which ones don’t?

Subtle, smaller patterns work usually. (Ex: flannel or a light floral print)

When I see photos with bright clashing patterned shirts my eyes go straight to them because they are so bold. We don’t really want that! YOU need to be the focus of the image, not your clothes!”

Now that being said…I’m all for exceptions to the rules haha If your favorite dress does not fall in this color palette but it’s comfy, goes with the location, and makes you feel your absolute best, THEN WEAR IT GIRL! These are just guidelines!


Embrace wind.

Embrace movement.

Embrace the adventure.

Movement is huuuge to adding life to your photos! You might think a stiff item of clothing looks super nice when you’re standing in a dressing room trying it on… but in a shoot it’s likely to be uncomfortable not to mention not adding any life to the images. I encourage flowy items as MUCH as possible because of the movement it adds.

Love those photos of the girl being picked up and spun around and the two of them are laughing carelessly together? Then avoid short skirts, plunging necklines, and super tight dresses. Nothing ruins a cute shot like an accidental peep show! I’m just here to be real with you guys! It’s happened!

However, maternity sessions don’t have a lot of movement in them for obvious reasons. So a tight dress would actually accentuate your belly beautifully!


This is about YOU and telling YOUR story.

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